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ALT03: Design A Wave - "Live On Your Yard"

by Design A Wave

£7.00 / On Sale

"Tom Hirst has been making music for many moons. Initial buds featured tape collages, distangled pop music, various dictaphone experiments, and over time all this meshed and warped into his solo musical venture known as Design A Wave. Initiated in the late 90s, the project was loosely named after one of the gangs in the Troma film Surf Nazis Must Die which, alongside other similar movies and music of it's time, informed a particular vision of an idealized weird - a trashy synth orientated 80s B-movie soundtrack, which provided an aesthetic platform on which to dive, surf and ride.

Over time the sound grew vocals, a live component formed, and a shift away from abstract recordings via more overt emotional territory brings us to the current byproduct. "Live On Your Yard" is an E.P that presents 4 tracks of emotive and melancholic synth pop that point towards the eccentricity of artists like Snakefinger and Tuxedomoon, the synthetic slickness and charity shop glamour of Italo Disco, and the misery of coldwave. This is the first vinyl release in Design a Wave's 10 year history, following on from a slew of humble and privately distributed cdrs, and also the first Design A Wave recording to feature external musicians - Melissa Osborne on synth, and Will Saunders on bass.

Limited to 300 copies. Recorded by John Hannon at No Recording Studio in March 2010, and mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering.

The track "Remedy" will also appear on the Rough Trade Shop's "Synth Wave 10" compilation, due for release in November 2010."