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ALT10: Liberez - Sane Men Surround CD

by Liberez

£5.00 / On Sale

Sane Men Surround is the second album to emerge from Southend-on-Sea’s Liberez. Following on from their 2011 debut The Letter, the 9 tracks here continue to savagely EQ percussion, guitar, violin and electronics into abstraction with tracks like A Warning and My Madness Offends bearing the industrial, almost ritualistic, atmospherics of its predecessor, whilst Nema Te and What’s Mine Is Mine introduce a new style of composition and song writing which pushes the group towards a more bombastic ‘post-punk’ style of abrasiveness. As ominous as it is seductive, Sane Men Surround is a true product of the South-East of England. It is a work of suburban claustrophobia that lurches around Britain's industrial past and glares at its future. It is an album with a brain and a heart, evoking the rumbling lorries of Essex, its scared sober marshlands, and peace riddled battlegrounds. Previously issued as limited vinyl edition of 100 copies on the Savory Days label, this CD edition features a different master to suit the format.

1. Nema Te
2. A Warning
3. Nema Te (Part 2)
4. A.C.A.B
5. What’s Mine Is Mine
6. Unhomely
7. What’s Mine Is Mine (Part 2)
8. My Madness Offends
9. Landscape At Iden 1929