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ALT04: Hieroglyphic Being - "A Romance Of 2 Planets"

by Hieroglyphic Being

£7.00 / On Sale

Alter is delighted to announce the release of a new e.p from HIEROGLYPHIC BEING, aka Jamal Moss, who has been active on the Chicago dance scene for over 15 years as a prolific DJ, producer and artist in his own right. With his Hieroglyphic Being project he has nailed a highly unique sound that draws from a melting pot of influences such as Acid, Chicago House, Industrial and New Age music. Often produced through primitive means, it successfully captures a raw intensity that other artists in his world often promise, but rarely ever deliver convincingly. His work stands alone in his field as being highly individualistic, and Jamal continues to follow his own special path after countless releases for labels such as International Deejay Gigolos, Mathematics, 6277, and even Sony Europe. "A Romance Of 2 Planets" presents three new pieces of off center techno which incorporate primal four to the floor drum machine stabs, disjointed melodies that erratically duck and dive around arpeggiated synth lines, and a self imposed rough style of editing.

Limited to 500 copies on 12" vinyl, cut at 33rpm, and housed in colour LP sleeves.