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OPAL76: Helm & Decimus - We Will Meet At Other Human Parties LP

by Helm and Decimus

£12.00 / On Sale

Helm (Luke Younger, Alter Records) and Decimus (Pat Murano, NNCK, Kellipah) coalesce into a single bone grinding unit on this, their first collaborative record. Audio was swapped about, mulched, recycled, played out live and loud and re-recorded to create not a album of remixes but of inter spliced mutant audio. Helm reworking Decimus reworking Helm reworking… an Oroboros effect in action. There are signature sounds at play, Helm’s desolate bell toll’s and sewer pipe communications of gurgling resonance chin up with the spasmodic modular synth refractions and dizzying drum battery of Decimus. Curious as the title suggests, this is an album of dark corners and unknown boundaries.